Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And what does ten minutes mean to you?

So, how do you value ten minutes? Last Friday night my wife and daughter are returning home from a softball outing in Titusville and arrive home about midnight. 12:15 and my daughter comes into my room and tells me a tree limb fell in the front yard. Now I went to bed at my normal time of 9:30 and was about as asleep as a guy can be when she tells me this. So naturally I tell her to drag the limb to the street and I will take care of the problem tomorrow. She then proceeds to tell me twice more about this limb and in frustration I tell her to leave me alone I am sleeping. She then drops an 'f' bomb about this limb in the front yard. Well as expected that got me out of bed in a hurry. Not sure that I expected the bomb but if she is dropping that, it must be serious. Brings to mind the time my brother Jim was home on leave from his service to our country back in the late 60's and came into the farm house during dinner time and very excitedly stated that the back field was on 'f'ing fire. My Father very calmly stated that we were eating dinner and would remain at the the dinner table until Grace was said. Five seconds later we all were on our way to fight a field fire. But back to this limb in the front yard. As the girls were unoading the car from the softball game, my wife heard a cracking sound outside and walked out into the driveway to investigate. Seeing no problem, she turned and walked back toward the garage. As she took a couple of steps this water oak came crashing down. Ten minutes earlier and she would have been sitting in the driveway waiting for the garage door to open and that would have been a totally different story to be told. A couple of friends and my son spent Saturday afternoon helping me getting this tree to the street for pickup. End of day today, four days later, the tree and all evidence of it are gone. Cheryl and Taylor are fine and it may be time to remove that last tree. In a side bar that gold Jeep is number 16 and became the pride of my daughter's life a week ago.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Time sure flys when you are having fun

the kid's siter spent the past weekend at a softball tournement in Savanna...she struggled at the plate on Sat and the early game on Sunday...Papa talked to her and gave her some good advice...stop thinking about what you are doing and just do it...late game on Sunday, her first at bat, she knocked one over the left field fence...should made the 4 hour drive home a lot better....tonight she had a basketball game...2 minutes into the game she ran into another player and knocked herself out...medical personell were called to the court and after a 5 minute delay she was escorted off the court and into the locker room.....needless to say she was not allowed to return to the game....the kid brought her home and after some quiet questioning she was allowed to go to sleep....she answered all the questions correctly, and was very upset about not being able to return to the game...as the kid said, "Dad, she got her bell rung. She'll be okay." I think the kid was right.. Makes me appreciate what the bus and his wife have been through with their daughter's injury...I do not remember being so thankful for a holiday break....a week to recuberate and heal...be thankful for what we are given the opportunity to enjoy...CELEBRATE LIFE...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Long time ago I visited here more often......

Wow...it has been so long since my last visit here....lot's of life has past us by...children grow older, we do too, damn that slipped out...we have been blessed by new life that is just as pretty as her Mother...What a gift to the loving parents....and the rest of the world...take care of this, you are going to enjoy her for a long time....

of course with everything new, we have to add something old...usually it is a relative that one it not to fond of, but that is why we have the internet...

so the leaves are still falling on my yard and I can't seem to pick them up fast enough....gotta an old historic oak tree leaning over my house with three holes in it....it has to come down, but it offers so much shade to the house and the squirrels are a sight to see jumping from this tree to others....it saddens me to know that I have to remove it rather than let it live it's course....but the idea of this mammoth tree crashing through my living room scares the hell out of me..guess I am paying the tree man a month's wages to remove the tree and save the agony of the consequences of procrastination...just don't want to see it go....the kid visited home this weekend...sure miss him when he is away, and can't get enough of him when he is home.....gotta remember to lock the back door after he returns to school....oh, and sleeping with the windows open is great for falling asleep...but the moisture sure hurts the bones after about 7 hours....got lots to share, but it was a late start here....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An entire Year since I last visited here

WOW....it would appear that it has been over a year since I last visited here. It would be easy to say that not much has happended since then, but that would be way too much of a cop out....The kid graduated from high school, 9th out of 950 students, could have higher but he met a girl and it appears that he spent his time studying something other than the school books....apple didn't fall far from the tree as the longrooffan says...the kid's sister is stillstillstillstill playing softball....travel all over central FLA and we still aren't home yet....she finished middle school....second in her class....now she is a freshman in high school....like her brother she is becoming a very popular student based on the amount of time spent on the cell phone and facebook....she is now playing basketball for the school and that involves more traveling....the sungoddess keeps getting better looking every day....I sure am lucky....left my job of seven years....b.s. stress just wasn't worth it anymore....so I joined the likes of 20% of our country's population....that lasted about 3 days and I took a position with a small local company that is working out better than I could have imagined....good people that are truly customer focused....retired our old big white Ford truck just recently....that vehicle sure was good to us over the past 10 years....20 trips across the southeastern country...over hill and over dale...off to Grandma's house we went....the sungoddess came out to the garage a couple of weeks ago and stated she wanted to go look at new cars....we came home that night with a 'new to us' car that she had been looking at for quite a few weeks....she loves it and that is what is important....and it get's almost twice the fuel mileage of the old white truck....gotta love a V-6....the kid comes home from school this weekend....he said he would like to spend Friday evening hanging out with me....guess I better get a few more cold pops for the garage frig...
sure do miss him....the gentleman farmer and his bride recently moved to jsut up the road a piece from me....I commented to his bride how good she was looking, she had lost wait and had a suntan....she laughinly told me that while she did have a suntan, she had not lost any weight, I just had not seen her in over 10 years without 4 layers of clothing on....seems I only visited their farm during our annual winter visit to the show me state....12 degrees outside with a 30 knot wind makes you bundle up...it is nice having them close....even the bus visited for a while...took him for a beach cruise on the old yellow jeep...he seemed to enjy himself....I'm gonna go for now, it has been nice visiting here again and I'll try not to stay away as long.....remember to always CELEBRATE LIFE

Monday, November 1, 2010

Did You Vote.....

Did YOU excercise your right to enjoy the Freedom to CELEBRATE LIFE.........

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This is why we call our Country Home of the Free

Unfortunately I disagree with you in context, but not in idealism.The jerk who wants to burn the Koran, is also one who would do everything in his power to stop me from burning the bible.In this world, we are dictating to the third world countries that they should be like us......The middle east has been a bomb shell since the days of yore, even before the "Christ" came to this world back in 0 AD.I don't want you telling me how to live my life, how do you feel that the Iraqis want us to tell them how to live?
I feel the President should call that dumb jerk and set him straight that burning the Koran would only make those fanatics carry on more suicides.
Remember, dying for the Mohamud is going straight to alla land and is an honor to these idiots ... same as kamakasi pilots during WWII.
I am your brother and respect your right to free speech, damn I served 21 years so you can have free speech, I just don't agree with your statement.And doing that allows us to be brothers and still be able to get along.Tom

The above was a comment left by one of my brothers.
Now I feel myself privileged to have him as a brother, and to consider him a friend. I respect, as I do all my siblings, his point of view and thought processes. He has expressed, perhaps better than I, why this country is so great.
We have differing points of view on a very touchy subject, yet we have enough respect for each other's rights that we acknowledge them and understand that we are allowed those different points of view.
The most frightening thought to me is the idea of somebody suppressing my ability to express my ideas and ideals, because they do not understand them.
I personally have an instant dislike to anyone that chooses to burn a book.
To me there is no greater sign of disrespect than to destroy something someone else created.
It goes against the principles that my parents instilled in me.
Yet as a citizen of this country I respect that right. And will, to my ability, defend that right. That is my obligation to my neighbors both close and far.
I would hope, and I guess the point I am trying to make is, that I would expect each citizen of this country to respect the rights of this clown if he chooses to express himself in this manner.
And MOST OF ALL, I would expect our leader to respect this knucklehead's right.
I would expect our leader to stand up and tell the world that as a citizen of this country, this bozo is enabled to this right.
It may not be right, but it is his right.

Allowing us all to have our own opinions and thoughts, and being able to freely express them is why this country is called America.

Enabling us to all to CELEBRATE LIFE as we wish.

Tom, thank you for allowing me to have my own thoughts, and thank you to Bob and Jim, and every other veteran for defending my right to express them without fear of retaliation and imprisonment.

These are reasons enough to CELEBRATE LIFE.