Monday, November 19, 2012

Time sure flys when you are having fun

the kid's siter spent the past weekend at a softball tournement in Savanna...she struggled at the plate on Sat and the early game on Sunday...Papa talked to her and gave her some good advice...stop thinking about what you are doing and just do it...late game on Sunday, her first at bat, she knocked one over the left field fence...should made the 4 hour drive home a lot better....tonight she had a basketball game...2 minutes into the game she ran into another player and knocked herself out...medical personell were called to the court and after a 5 minute delay she was escorted off the court and into the locker room.....needless to say she was not allowed to return to the game....the kid brought her home and after some quiet questioning she was allowed to go to sleep....she answered all the questions correctly, and was very upset about not being able to return to the the kid said, "Dad, she got her bell rung. She'll be okay." I think the kid was right.. Makes me appreciate what the bus and his wife have been through with their daughter's injury...I do not remember being so thankful for a holiday break....a week to recuberate and thankful for what we are given the opportunity to enjoy...CELEBRATE LIFE...

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