Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This is why we call our Country Home of the Free

Unfortunately I disagree with you in context, but not in idealism.The jerk who wants to burn the Koran, is also one who would do everything in his power to stop me from burning the bible.In this world, we are dictating to the third world countries that they should be like us......The middle east has been a bomb shell since the days of yore, even before the "Christ" came to this world back in 0 AD.I don't want you telling me how to live my life, how do you feel that the Iraqis want us to tell them how to live?
I feel the President should call that dumb jerk and set him straight that burning the Koran would only make those fanatics carry on more suicides.
Remember, dying for the Mohamud is going straight to alla land and is an honor to these idiots ... same as kamakasi pilots during WWII.
I am your brother and respect your right to free speech, damn I served 21 years so you can have free speech, I just don't agree with your statement.And doing that allows us to be brothers and still be able to get along.Tom

The above was a comment left by one of my brothers.
Now I feel myself privileged to have him as a brother, and to consider him a friend. I respect, as I do all my siblings, his point of view and thought processes. He has expressed, perhaps better than I, why this country is so great.
We have differing points of view on a very touchy subject, yet we have enough respect for each other's rights that we acknowledge them and understand that we are allowed those different points of view.
The most frightening thought to me is the idea of somebody suppressing my ability to express my ideas and ideals, because they do not understand them.
I personally have an instant dislike to anyone that chooses to burn a book.
To me there is no greater sign of disrespect than to destroy something someone else created.
It goes against the principles that my parents instilled in me.
Yet as a citizen of this country I respect that right. And will, to my ability, defend that right. That is my obligation to my neighbors both close and far.
I would hope, and I guess the point I am trying to make is, that I would expect each citizen of this country to respect the rights of this clown if he chooses to express himself in this manner.
And MOST OF ALL, I would expect our leader to respect this knucklehead's right.
I would expect our leader to stand up and tell the world that as a citizen of this country, this bozo is enabled to this right.
It may not be right, but it is his right.

Allowing us all to have our own opinions and thoughts, and being able to freely express them is why this country is called America.

Enabling us to all to CELEBRATE LIFE as we wish.

Tom, thank you for allowing me to have my own thoughts, and thank you to Bob and Jim, and every other veteran for defending my right to express them without fear of retaliation and imprisonment.

These are reasons enough to CELEBRATE LIFE.

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Busplunge said...

ah jeez,

Did you know that guy was a classmate of Rush Limbaugh?

Went to Central H.S. in Cape.

I think they should have a beer garden at his bonfire.

ps--over on my blog we have word verifications like "kulguy" or "nicehat". Over here we get "sulunica" ---jeez, I can't even pronounce it much less type it.