Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An entire Year since I last visited here would appear that it has been over a year since I last visited here. It would be easy to say that not much has happended since then, but that would be way too much of a cop out....The kid graduated from high school, 9th out of 950 students, could have higher but he met a girl and it appears that he spent his time studying something other than the school didn't fall far from the tree as the longrooffan says...the kid's sister is stillstillstillstill playing all over central FLA and we still aren't home yet....she finished middle school....second in her she is a freshman in high her brother she is becoming a very popular student based on the amount of time spent on the cell phone and facebook....she is now playing basketball for the school and that involves more traveling....the sungoddess keeps getting better looking every day....I sure am lucky....left my job of seven years....b.s. stress just wasn't worth it I joined the likes of 20% of our country's population....that lasted about 3 days and I took a position with a small local company that is working out better than I could have imagined....good people that are truly customer focused....retired our old big white Ford truck just recently....that vehicle sure was good to us over the past 10 years....20 trips across the southeastern country...over hill and over to Grandma's house we went....the sungoddess came out to the garage a couple of weeks ago and stated she wanted to go look at new cars....we came home that night with a 'new to us' car that she had been looking at for quite a few weeks....she loves it and that is what is important....and it get's almost twice the fuel mileage of the old white truck....gotta love a V-6....the kid comes home from school this weekend....he said he would like to spend Friday evening hanging out with me....guess I better get a few more cold pops for the garage frig...
sure do miss him....the gentleman farmer and his bride recently moved to jsut up the road a piece from me....I commented to his bride how good she was looking, she had lost wait and had a suntan....she laughinly told me that while she did have a suntan, she had not lost any weight, I just had not seen her in over 10 years without 4 layers of clothing on....seems I only visited their farm during our annual winter visit to the show me state....12 degrees outside with a 30 knot wind makes you bundle is nice having them close....even the bus visited for a while...took him for a beach cruise on the old yellow jeep...he seemed to enjy himself....I'm gonna go for now, it has been nice visiting here again and I'll try not to stay away as long.....remember to always CELEBRATE LIFE

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Busplunge said...

"...even the bus visited for a while...took him for a beach cruise on the old yellow jeep...he seemed to enjy himself."

seemed to?

he did.

btw, were you sleeping during the class on writing paragraphs? you remember paragraphs don't you? Several simple, short declarative sentences grouped together in chronological order discussing one main subject?