Monday, September 7, 2009

Got a New (to me) truck today

I really didn't mean to do see I was heading home after some changeorder work at the Bonnie View home....I was thinking that the kid and I would head over to the race dude's house and bolt the fenders on the new CJ-5.....maybe get the spare tire carrier off of it for the CJ-2A....and remove any other items that I wanted for my personal vehicles prior to selling it off....I think I remember the busplunge saying he needed tail gate chains, not sure and he must be at the lake because he hasn't answered his phone this maybe we will wait for him to return to this world before we ship it off....but as with most things in life.....I got a little side tracked....driving home, I passed a used car lot and in the back it looked like a couple of guys were washing a Ford...YEP, NOT A JEEP, in longrooffan style I whipped right into the out of the trusty old Honda and walked back where these guys were washing a 2000 Ford Ranger.....struck up a conversation about I thought I was looking for a truck and while I was not sure, I was wondering what they had know, the standard it for sale? which the salesman responsed comically, 'that's the business plan'....knew right away I was going to get along with these guys...spent about 20 minutes talking before the price was ever mentioned.....told them what I wanted to spend, they told me what they wanted for the truck....talked a little while longer and after a short drive in the old Honda, the deal was the price I wanted and the vehicle I didn't go out to buy.....but most importantly, the blond I live with likes the truck and felt very comfortable dealing with the dealer....
quick, 2 hour buy, with no hassle or stress of car buying from a used car salesman..

photos will be posted later


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Horse-farmer said...

Glad to see you finally came to your senses and got a good truck.
Been a ford man for ever myself and love them. Started back in the sixties with that sweet ole 1965 Ford F-100, 3 on the tree, manual steering and a big 6.
Climb into the engine compartment to tune it up.