Friday, January 2, 2009

Redneck games

well if you are a visiter of bythenumbers then you know how the kid and I spent New Year's Day......called Jon-Jon and woke him up...told him to meet us at Scott's house as we had planned a day spent jeeping with a couple of other seen on the bythenumbers blog, a great time was had by all participants....even the longrooffan got into the trail riding, or making in his case, spirit.......even got him into Scouting around for a longroof trade.....not so much in my opinion.....spent about three hours driving down trails and thru a couple of mud holes....even climbed a creek side in a the 2A and had a blast......the little girl out performed the big dog high stepping 4x4s of the boys......impressed them all without a doubt....the creek climb would have impressed the bus as he could have followed along......the beauty of the old jeep is that totally stock she lead the way for the boys with the 44 lockers and flex know those vehicles that the axles flex 44 inches up and down.....the old 2A solid as a rock just took a tire off the ground and used the other wheels for traction......sure was fun and future plans are in place for other dates with the boys fourwheeling......the kid was impressive as he didn't get stuck granted he refrained from entering some of the really bad spots....but he drove right through the deepest holes following the trail.....check the photo of the passenger side mud line on his cj.....the one off side to all the fun we had is the maintanence that now has to be done.....pull apart and repack the wheel bearings is of the highest priority......looks like my Sunday is booked.
Saturday the longrooffan and the kid are heading out to the racetrack to take in the Rolex practice session.....guess it is that time of year again.....I got word of an old jeep sitting in a field out west of town about 20 miles or so, so hopefully I will get a chance to check it out.......let you know later......



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Horse-farmer said...

So are you telling me you now need a trailer?
Got one for sale, could deliver for a price!
Have fun, when you get done, come on up and repack mine.

Her bronc is now on the road, licensed and insured.
Even got the heater and defrost working.

Today I am running around in shorts and a light weight long sheeve shirt. I do love these warm days.