Thursday, November 6, 2008

the kid made the pre-season varsity squad

it's that time of the year where the winter sports overlap each other......the traditonal sports that and basketball....we go from playing with balls outside in the weather to playing with balls inside in the comfort of four walls and a roof......while the kid isn't interested in playing the outside ball game, he is very interested in playing the inside ball game......ealier this week tryouts were held for the varisty basketball team at his school.....43 kids tried out for a position on the team.....the call backs were posted and the kid found his name on the he told me it is the pre-season varsity squad.....he has a position until the football season is over and the two sport players return.....pretty nonchalant about it in big deal....I can't remember the last time I saw him so focused, if you don't count last weekend's fishing to watch him....he seems to be in his own and very happy......12 more days until he is driving on his own.....does that explain the grey hair....????.....


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Anonymous said...

Way to go Kid.........
even if you are second string, who cares, you get to play. Although
hoop ball was never my favorite,
I guess I will be enjoying it more as my little Princess Jaycee also made a bball team in the church league.
So guess Grandpa will be attending more of those BBALL games.
Again, congrats and try as hard as you can.

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