Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not Another Day on the Beach

Today was supposed to be our family day on the beach....didn't a call to do a little side work....I started a small remodel company a couple years ago and despite my best efforts I have been unable to shut down it's operation....while it does generate a small profit it is time consuming and takes a lot away from the family so I try to limit the amount of jobs I take.....of course now that I have another trust worthy individual living in this area I have started to accept more this weekend I took another job that I thought would consume my Saturday afternoon......called the olerag top to see if he was up to assisting and he agreed.... too easily.....of course as soon as he got on the job sight he told me that my plans were not going to work.....what I thought was going to be an easy floor float of about 2 inches turned into a complete refloor float 4 inches thick.....guess I should have rethought/rebid this with most jobs where I include the old construction worker, I have underbid the job....gotta remember that I have a crew now and need to bid up to cover cost.....I guess the old construction worker is not up to the task the day after.....worked the old man like a dog on Saturday afternoon and then called him Sunday night to tell him the kid and I were going fishing.....he was laid up with a bad back.....anyway, back to the reason for not making the beach today.....after floating only about 20% of the floor on Saturday I had to go back on Sunday and finish the job.....took the obligatory trip to my local Lowes store(good luck today Jimmie in the race)to secure another 18 bags of concrete to complete today's job....yep, 18 bags of hand mixed concrete.....of course when the kid heard what I had planned for the day he talked his Mother into taking him to the beach....his sister didn't want to go to the beach so after much discussion it was agreed that she would stay home and help me.....after a couple of hours working with me Taylor somehow talked her softball coach into holding an impromptu practice and she disappeared......can't blame her a bit.....I got her to help for a couple of hours and that is about the limit one should expect from an eleven year old......well after she split it was amazing how fast the project went.....finished it up and as yet still don't feel much pain....ask me in the morning.....but back to the beach.....the kid and his Mother had a blast at the beach today....the kid finally got to use his new surfboard and from what I was told it was a great surf day......of course it helps that Mom got to relax and soak up some sun too.....funny thing was that when they got ready to head to the beach the kid asked if it was ok that he take the Jeep......I laughed alittle bit at that....had to ask him if he was serious or just trying to make me laugh....we don't have another vehicle in our fleet more designed for the beach.....checked to make sure he knew how to put it in four wheel drive and gave him the go ahead.....that was all he needed for a fun filled day....hope the oleragtop gets to feeling better another job lined up.......

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